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My big sister just got a haircut.   Big news, I know.  “Stop the presses,” right?  Really though, it is kind of big news.  She cut off all of her hair (think Duran Duran circa 1981) and bleached it so that she could dye it.  She dyed it pink because she wanted to do something dramatic […]

We got an encouraging email from one of our I am Second group leaders today that I wanted to share with you. This past week was by far one of the most moving and spiritually enlightening weeks we’ve had in our group. This week we ended on John Meador’s video. At first glance, it really […]

“I think I was thirsty for answers, for hope, and for something secure and solid.” -Natalie Sebastian, After watching Natalie’s video a few times, I keep coming back to this one quote. How often do we grasp for stability in this life? How often do we search for something unshakable. To someone who may […]