Diane’s Story


Diane shares the following story:

“I was doing my usual walking at a Rec Center where we go and I was wearing my ‘I Am Second’ t-shirt.  A guy came up to me (whom we have seen previously and spoken to briefly before) and said, ‘I like your t-shirt.’  He went on to say, ‘Not in a religious sense, but a philosophical sense. In other words, to put people first and myself second.  In fact that was my New Year’s resolution.’  We then began a conversation where I was able to share with him that God is the one who enables us to live, putting ourselves second. Then he began to share with me how he used to go to church, but not any more.  He had been turned off by the institution of the church and especially big churches. I was able to share with him that Chris (my husband) is the worship pastor of a small church in Frisco, and I explained that our pastor was very real and down-to-earth.  Then he asked me what time our service was and how to get there and said, ‘I’m coming.  You can count on it!’

I’m praising the Lord for the opportunity He gave me to share with this guy today and hopefully continue to be a ministry in his life!”

Have you had a similar experience?

2 Responses to “Diane’s Story”

  1. 1 katyhelena

    This is so great! Amen. Love how God works!

  2. 2 Kay Lee

    AMEN! This is the greatest! Keep pursuing him in love! Praise God! 🙂

    Keep the faith ❤

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