Our New Sister


About a week ago Duche spoke to in the inmates involved with I am Second at the Dawson State jail. After presenting the Gospel, Duche left all the inmates one of his cards that had his story of transformation from drug dealer to Christ follower. Three days later, Duche got a facebook message from a 17 year old girl, named Michelle (name changed for privacy), saying that her mother had seen Duche in prison, had sent her his card and told her to contact Duche via facebook. She said she liked Duche’s story and she would like to meet Duche someday, but she knew that would probably never happen. She was content with a new facebook friend.

Duche looked up her facebook profile and saw that she was from Lubbock, TX. I am Second had an event in Lubbock at Texas Tech partnering with Campus Crusade and Duche invited her to come. He knew this would be awkward for a lonely high school girl to come to an event with hundreds of people she didn’t know, but she came anyway. When Michelle’s father dropped Duche off, the father asked, “What kind of event is this?” Duche gave him an I am Second tract and invited him in, but he said, “No, no, I’ll come back and pick her up.”

Duche walked Michelle in and connected her with Lauren Haynie, a student from UNT and a leader of I am Second nationally. They sat together and talked and Lauren shared the gospel with this girl. During the I am Second event, Baron Batch, Duche Bradley, and Chris Plekenpol share their stories of second. Michelle cried the whole time.

After the event, a bunch of the students wanted to go to Rosa’s. Lauren asked Michelle if she wanted to come, but Duche intervened and said her father is probably wanting her home, to which Michelle replied, “My dad doesn’t care about me.”

The way she said that caused a moment of pause.  Lauren  walked Michelle to her father’s old 1977 pick-up and asked him if she could take Michelle to Rosa’s for a late night dinner.  Her father said, “Just have her home by 8am.”

Duche walked over to the car and said, “Hey we will make sure that Michelle is safe, you don’t have to worry about her.”

The man looked back at Duche and said, “Hey man, I read your tract, you have a powerful story, keep up the good work.”

With that, Chris, Duche, Lauren and Michelle went to Rosa’s. Along the way Lauren continued to press the Gospel.

“Do you want to know Jesus as your savior?” she asked.

“Yes, I do.”

“Would you like to do it now?” Lauren asked.

“No,” Michelle said.

“Why not,” Chris asked.

“There is only one person, who would not want you to turn to Christ, that is Satan,” Duche said, “because he wants to kill steal and destroy, but God says come to me all who are heavy ladened and I will give you rest. That’s why you can’t sleep at night and you stay up worrying, because the enemy doesn’t want you to have peace.”

“My principle told me that the Devil has a hold on me. I’m afraid,” Michelle said.

“Listen Michelle,” Chris said. “Jesus taught his disciples to pray in Luke 11. He told them that they are praying to a Father who loves them. Jesus said when you ask your father for a fish, he won’t give you a snake, and when you ask for an egg he won’t give you a scorpion—even evil dad’s get that. But your Heavenly Father promises to give the Holy Spirit to anyone who asks him.”

Michelle sat in silence and Chris continued.

“All you have to do is cry out to God to give you the Holy Spirit and he promises to do it. I want you to just cry out and say, ‘God give me the Holy Spirit!’”

We sat for a moment and then Michelle cried, “God give me the Holy Spirit!”

Then Chris said, “You did it! Did you feel that?”

Michelle smiled.

“Now I want you to repeat after me this prayer…” Chris led her through the prayer of salvation and when she asked God to forgive her for all her pain, all her shame, and all her regrets, tears flowed. She told God she believed that Jesus died on the cross for her sins and that He rose from the dead, and that she wanted the Holy Spirit to live with her forever.

When they reached Rosa’s they announced to everyone the good news. They had a new sister in Christ. Immediately college students from Texas Tech introduced themselves and asked if they could be a part of her life.  They told her they wanted to spend time with her. They were her family now.


3 Responses to “Our New Sister”

  1. 1 Matthew "Whosoever"

    That is awesome!! Praise God. Y’all are doing some legendary stuff here!!

  2. 2 Miranda Holland

    Yeppers thats’s me im so happy i couldnt ask for anything better than asking for jesus christ!! every since that day!! ive been happy God is on my mind from the time i wake up till the time i go to bed its awesome!! thank yall so much!! love yall!!!

  3. 3 Miranda Holland

    Yeppers thats me!! im so thankful and happy!! i think of christ from the moment i wake up till i go to bed!! i couldnt ask for something better in my life than jesus christ!! when i came into this i knew nothing about chirst. but those three people helped me change. im so happy!!! Praise the lord i feel good!!! theres a fire in my heart that i wont let out… theres a spirit in my life that i wont let go of!! and theres a day in my life where i will cherish and thats january 27, 2011!!! love you guys!!!

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