What’s Happening at Tech


We’re excited about partnering with Campus Crusade at Texas Tech University in Lubbock this weekend!  Here’s Ashley’s perspective:

“It’s just two days before I get on the road with my friend, Havana, to begin the exciting eight hour drive to Lubbock from College Station.  We’re leaving Thursday afternoon to spend the weekend with the Campus Crusade group at Texas Tech.  These wonderful people have opened up over a dozen homes for all of us- we’re coming from Texas A&M, UNT, UT Tyler, Oklahoma State, TCU, and Sam Houston State.

Friday afternoon, about 25 A&M students will begin to pull out of their driveways to road-trip up to Tech and join our very-much-missed friends from all these other campuses.  So why on earth are we even venturing out on this long drive from College Station to our rivals up at Tech?

All day Saturday we will be doing small group training with our friends in Tech Cru.  Because of the awesome small group multiplication occurring at UNT and West Point, we want to see the same thing happen at other campuses!   Campus Crusade and I Am Second are partnering in using the I Am Second material to make radically obedient followers of Jesus.  I Am Second is all about making disciples, who make disciples, who make disciples, etc.  Campus Crusade shares this vision for their college campuses, so now we begin an exciting journey of working together to reach out and equip believers on our college campuses.  Exciting right?!

One of my favorite parts of these trips are the friendships you form.  What makes these friendships so unique and close to my heart is the passion we all share.  Even if you feel like you are burned out and burdened, the fellowship with other students never fails to light that flame in your heart and ignite that passion to reach your campus through small groups.  It’s seriously so simple. If you have a class, then you have a ministry and people to reach out to.  They’re the people sitting next to you in classrooms, the people behind in you in line at the coffee shops, and the people flying by you as they rush to class.  All you have to do is start a conversation.  We get to go to Texas Tech to share our passion for reaching our campus as we help start multiplying small groups!

Thanks and Gig ‘Em!”

Ashley Scarbrough is the I Am Second Small Groups Coordinator at Texas A&M.  She is a sophomore Communications major.

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