Days like these


It’s a day like today that makes me thankful I’m Second. Not because of anything I’ve done, but because of the people I’m fortunate to have in my life.

I’ve had an amazing two weeks that have been slam-packed with trainings, a staff retreat at a new part-time job, a dance competition, and deadlines on the side. Everything seemed to be great and I’ve been praying to Lord I feel like constantly to direct my steps as I’ve had information overload. Yesterday though, I felt like every time I turned a corner I was slipping up. I emailed one of my accountability partners today about my stress and learning to not over-commit and she sent me a prayer via email. Taking that time to pause and look to the Lord was exactly what I needed to get my head in the game. Do you have Christian community around you to build you up on those days that you need encouragement? Are you helping pick your friends and family up when they need to be reminded of their Savior?

I don’t know if you struggle with living your life in over-drive like I do, but if you do, then you need to hear this: A fifteen minute retreat into prayer with your Lord (Even in the middle of the day!) won’t kill you. In fact, it will give you strength for the day. Moreover, YOU NEED IT.

For everyone who isn’t living in community: Do you have friends to call when you’re down? Are you living in Biblical community with people that can remind you of truth? What’s holding you back? Who are the believers in your life that you can be intentional about doing life with?

My I am Second group is one of my greatest places of refuge because I can see my friends growing closer to the Lord.

If you’re interested in starting an I am Second Group, or want to work on your prayer life, find materials here:




3 Responses to “Days like these”

  1. 1 Susan

    It is great to know that I am not the only one that has days like this. I am also thankful that I am Second and I have someone who will help me all I have to do is say His name, Jesus!

  2. What a great reminder.

  3. Great info. Lucky me I discoverеd yߋur website by chance (stumblеupon).
    I’ve book-mɑrked it for later!

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