Thoughts on Erica’s testimony


If you didn’t get a chance, take some time to read Erica’s testimony:

Erica’s story is an amazing story of grace and love, redemption, and hope. Her eyes were opened by God to truly see the life she was living, and the life He intended her to live. There is a story of a blind man whose eyes were opened in John 9. Just like with Erica, the man was allowed to be blind for a portion of his life, but when their paths crossed, Jesus opened his eyes.

One thing that always struck me about having “eyes opened” by Jesus is that in most stories that we hear and share, it is a story of how God completely changed a person. They make uplifting and powerful testimonies, sharing how someone went through a completely radical transformation. The problem is, it doesn’t happen with everyone. Not everyone will have to leave a life of begging, because they never had to beg in the first place. Not everyone will have to go through rehab because not everyone will have a drug or alcohol problem. The one thing in this that unites every person is the need to life up Christ, and to lower our own self-importance. Erica knew that God could and would change her life, and the blind man knew that Jesus had changed his forever.

Erica knows her life was lived in darkness, and Jesus came to open her eyes. Once her eyes were opened like the blind man’s, she too believed and worshiped Jesus. That is part of what being Second is about. Worship cannot happen if God is not elevated first. Her life is now directed by her position to God. She is Second.

In what ways have your eyes been opened? How can you lift up Christ in your life so that others can see Him?

-Patrick, I am Second Intern

One Response to “Thoughts on Erica’s testimony”

  1. 1 Lynne

    Erica is a very brave young woman walk away from her old life and to turn her life over to Christ. She is being a great roleodel for her girls.

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