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Staff blog: Amy


I have a really interesting job working for I am Second. When we first launched in December 2008, our team was quite a bit smaller than today, and if you would have asked me then what I do for I am Second, my answer would have been, “what do I not do?” Wow, those were […]

Your story


Have you ever heard of a cardboard testimony? Go to Youtube and take your pick. They are amazing. It’s a candid way to explain how Christ has changed your life. So what is yours? How is your life different because of Christ? Can you tell your testimony in a sentence or two? The reason I […]

There was an I am Second booth at the Celebrate Freedom concert on Saturday, and I had the opportunity to meet a lot of you who are fans. However, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I am Second has been more of a consumable product for self growth than a tool to reach others. I […]



Before I get into the meat of this post, I have a funny story. You know those people you pass everyday that you’re not close friends with, so you smile at them when you make brief eye contact and then you both keep walking. You probably know their name, but you’ve seen their face enough […]