Secular music isn’t always so secular


I keep hearing this song by the Fray on the radio. “I found God…” You know which one I’m talking about? It seems that the more I open up my ears to the “secular” music, the more I find a search for significance and meaning. Jason Mraz has a line that says, “If this is all there is then we’re just filling in the words like Madlibs!” Or what about the Something Corporate (I know they’re kind of old school) song that says, “I want to hang on to something that won’t break away for fall apart like the pieces of my heart.”

And then I realized there are so many seekers out there! They’re looking for answers.

So what if we used secular music as a platform for talking about faith? Find a song that hints around spirituality and talk about it with someone. Who knows where it can go from there. Relient K is a Christian band who has had some success in the Pop world. What about “Hanging by a Moment” by Lifehouse? Most people think it’s a love song, but what if you look at it from a spiritual perspective? What about Flyleaf? They’ve also had some worldly success with spiritual songs. If you like musicals, try taking “All I ask of You” from Phantom of the Opera and imagine God singing it to you instead. This way, you’re taking something that someone is familiar with and taking it to the next level.

Try it sometime soon. I’m interested in where it takes you.




6 Responses to “Secular music isn’t always so secular”

  1. yeah, and check out Mute Math or The Daylights. Those guys have great music to start conversation. I play music at church but find that i am writing more and more non church music because the honesty of life and the struggles in it set up conversation about faith much easier.

    Thanks for the post.

  2. 2 Ilene

    A LOT of secular music could be viewed as spiritual, it all depends on the ear of the listener! I hear ANY love song as a love song about God! Most things I hear, I hear with an ear toward my spiritual heart!

  3. 3 Cora Winstead

    Daughtry has a lot of songs that speak to me in a spiritual sense. “I’m going Home” is a big one for me, Home being in the arms of Jesus.

  4. 4 Joe

    It is true that certain “secular” songs do/does start conversation regarding faith.. here is a really old school song by The Byrds Turn, yet ideally were/are these songs at that time a expression of what that person was feeling? Meaning they were searching for meaning to perhaps fill a void in their lives?

    As a christian person there is always that other side to where listening to secular songs has the possibility of hindering your spiritual walk with God. There are secular songs that use words which deduces spirituality, yet there are christian songs that are vague when it comes to spirituality. Song of Songs 2:15 depicts this very thing regarding our daily walk with God in Christ. The more I listen to christian songs, the more I find myself (when I station surf) switching back to what I was listening to begin with.

  5. Secular recording artists have very important things to say too – about meaning, life, purpose etc.; I think it is a healthy exercise to keep a certain amount of secular “pop music” in your playlists to remind us that there is still opportunity out there to witness, and even take in something new and beneficial that maybe we hadn’t considered. You might surprise yourself.

  6. 6 Mary

    Religion songs are presumptuous for the most part in my opinion. My guess is that God makes himself known in some secular music because it allows people to question and seek. Religious songs make people think they have it and are glory bound – falsely

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