Are you involved?


I’ve spent a lot of time recently talking about sharing Christ with others, sharing I am Second with others, building relationships with people that aren’t believers, and showing people love. Well guess what. I have some opportunities for you!

I am Second has developed some group materials that is free to you and that you can use in a group setting. The purpose is to bring your friends who aren’t believers into a setting that is comfortable and open. Meet at a coffee house. Meet in a locker room. Meet in the lunch area at work. Meet where people are already gathered, watch a video, and then discuss it. We’ll help you with a little bit of an outline. The beauty is that the outline will smoothly lead you into sharing faith. These can be found on our get involved page. Get Involved

Read through. Try it out. Let us know if we can encourage you in any other way!


3 Responses to “Are you involved?”

  1. 1 Jason Mustard

    Thanks to the groundworklaid before me by this site I’ve re-dedicated my life to Him and His work for my life. I’ve been trying to do things on my own for the better part of ten years and due to this site and the prayers of others I found my life is better lived if I take a back seat and become second. I am in need of prayer to stay on course and want to give you my thanks and Him my praise… God bless!

  2. 2 billy

    We have recently started our i am second group in cartersville. We have one family involved that is going through a divorce and one that her husband is addicted to pain killers. They are allready believers, but I have faith in Christ he can use this group to break this bondage and heal them.

  3. 3 Mandy Butler

    i am billys wife,,his comment above..and we are stepping out, in faith, for this small home fellowship to get rolling..its very daunting..but we know God will be there..and with the iamsecond tools,,i think many will see God work…Bring it God!,,we know you will!

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