The letter “B”


I read a story today that I think is worth sharing. You never know how a testimony is going to affect someone.

“It may be a weird subject, but truly the letter b saved me tonight. I came across from watching Brian Welch on I watched a few videos from here and was instantly hooked and drawn to God. Today is April 27th, it’s 2:34 in the morning, and tonight I almost did something that I said I was going to quit. I had the biggest opportunity to watch pornography. I had the address typed in, felt my fingers mess up, but didn’t care and still hit enter, and waited. I saw the letter “b” at the end of the website. At that moment, I stopped, remembered Brian Welch talking about his little girl, and about God’s love. I didn’t understand God’s love until tonight, and I actually only got a little bit of it. I knew that Brian had a meth problem, and he said he felt God’s love. So instead of retyping the website, I sat there and fought the devil, outright fought the devil going back and forth saying “I can stop tonight” – “One last night, quit fresh tomorrow” – “God, help me with this now, I need you” – “You’ll be fine, there’s no harm in a quick last look, and then you can be done” – “God, help me, send me your love” – “Just look again, there won’t be a problem” – And this went on and on, and I said “God, love me, show me you can do this” And there it was. Honestly, it was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I had to let go, and wait. I’m so used to being in control, that way I know I can rely on myself and nothing can go wrong. I didn’t realize that that was my problem. I’m sitting here dwelling on my pornography addiction, and now I understand it’s because of control. I’ve been told this time and time again, and now I get it. I want to thank whoever set up this site, they just made my life so much better. Please, all staff and participants, stay in ministry! You helped me tonight, and God led me to you so that you could!

A truly found person”

I can’t add much to that. Praise the Lord.


10 Responses to “The letter “B””

  1. 1 mark

    I have had that same battle…I can drink tonight…I can stop tomorrow….I can do this Blow one last time….I can quit when ever I want…..Dude, I could never quit Sin on my own….
    Great story. Thanks for sharing with us brother…

  2. 3 Melanie

    Praise God!!! Oh, He has definitely pulled you out of the miry pit and set you on firm ground. Only through Him are these things possible and I remember struggling myself for years with a pornography addiction. It’s such a consuming sin and it blinds you from everything around you. Most importantly God and His love.

    Thank you so much for sharing this inspiring story! 🙂

  3. 5 Bella

    Amen! I was told that God gives us a miracle when we first come to Him, something that will remind us of His love and power in tough times. Mine was cigarettes. I asked God to take away my desire for cigarettes and let that be my miracle. That was in 1976 and I truly have never struggled with that addiction again. Praise God for His love!

  4. 6 Nancy Woner Woznuck

    What a wonderful testimony!!! God was there for you on April 27th, the day before, and the day after….. and forever. When times get tough and temptation comes ( and it will) read your testimony again and cry out to Jesus. Thanks for being bold enough to share!!!!

  5. 8 Mandy Butler

    Glory be to the Lord, for He is good!….

    thanks for sharing!

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