What are the FAQs?


I Am Second launched a little over three months ago now, and we’re still getting the same questions over and over again. We’re about to start an FAQ series in my blog posts that give you some insight into the website. Help me out though. What do YOU want to know? After viewing the website, do you have some lingering questions? When you show people the website, do they seem confused for some reason?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!


6 Responses to “What are the FAQs?”

  1. Hi My Name is Michael Keeffe and I’m a pastor from City Church on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. I think your website is fantastic. I was wondering if there was a way to download the video’s for easier use as we would like to play them in our outreach services and events.

    Thanks for your help, you’re doing a great job.


  2. Shay,

    We love it…we are with you! What can we do? We would love to get involved and bring it to North Carolina! I only see groups in Texas right now…my husband and I believe that this is an amazing vision and impacting way to reach people for Christ. Let us know, tell us what to do!


    The Lamberts

  3. Please pardon me for saying this so bluntly, but I’ve read your “about” statement and I can’t fathom what you’re talking about. The phrase, “a movement where significance in life is a shared value among people of all kinds,” is basically a collection of weasel words. What the heck does “significance in life” mean? What does “a shared value” mean? What are the boundaries, the distinctives, that distinguish this group from any group talking about how hard their lives are?

    I’d be glad to write a better statement for you — I’m good at careful wording — but I’d need somebody to explain what the first statement was supposed to mean. I honestly don’t have any idea.

    And by the way: I also have no idea what “I am second” refers to. That needs more explanation, too.

  4. 4 Mark

    Any questions I come up with, seem to be answered before I ask… Go…Share your Faith with others…Oh.. yes, most important, is the question I am faced with daily…”Am I Second”, really??

    God Bless

  5. 5 Gigi Foster

    I’m digging the videos, the commercials, the stories. Great job. We need more transparency in the Christian community. I have questions about the site though. You guys mention connecting with other “Seconds” in the area and then when you click it takes you to a list of churches in the area, with no mention of days or times when “I Am Second” groups are meeting. It seems to me that this isn’t a campaign to get connected with other transparent Christians. It seems like it is a campaign to get honest people to walk into the same churches that shunned them before. I was hoping for home-based groups, not the local Mega-Church in my area.

    That said I’d love to host a meeting in my home. A Bible study of sorts. A recovery meeting. A fellowship of broken folks. But I don’t want to be affiliated with a church. Is that possible?

  6. 6 Mish

    I love the “I Am Second” idea and website. It’s phenom…I’d love to start one right here in West Texas connected w/ my local church. However, I’m confused about the “I Am Second” theme….does that mean God’s first, I am second? Or I am second regarding how the person felt when they were going through whatever the difficulty was? I’m confused by the ultimate goal and what the title means….

    Can you clarify? I don’t want to advocate for something I can’t totally explain.

    Thanks again & be blessed!

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