One video, many responses


One of the cool things about working for this campaign has been the overwhelming amount of feedback on all of the videos. It’s incredible the way that 10 people can watch the same video and have 10 different reactions and pick up on 10 different quotes or truths that they can take away.

So let’s put this into action. Take a few minutes and watch Darrell Waltrip’s video.

This quote hit me pretty hard: “You don’t own success. You wouldn’t have success if it wasn’t for success if it wasn’t for Jesus Christ. He owns success. The difference in Him and you is He wants to share it. You want to keep it. You want to keep it for yourself. It’s all about me, what I can do, what I have done. With Jesus, it’s all about what he has done.”

Did you stumble upon anything specific that really just stuck with you? Who would you suggest should watch this video?

By the way, if you see a video you really like, it might be fun to try something similar on your own blog or facebook. It’s neat how much you can learn from just one of these videos.



One Response to “One video, many responses”

  1. That exact quote really stuck out to me. It’s all about what jesus has done. He owns success. I loved how Mr. Waltrip put it.

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