Finding satisfaction


For businessmen, it is that search for money. For the musician it’s the limelight of the concert. For the artist, it’s the masterpiece. For the movie star, it’s the next big production. For the scientist, it’s the next breakthrough. For the intellectual, the next argument won. For the student, it’s the next good grade. For the journalist, it’s the next big story.


How often do we grasp for more out of this life? How often do we strive towards finish lines that keep moving backwards?


Pete Briscoe hits on this in his video. As a pastor, he would continue to strive for a great sermon but be confronted by people of the church with the question, “Oh, that was great Pete. How are you going to top that next week?”


But which of these desires is satiable? Which of these goals can make us content? What is to be gained but a desire for more of the same?


Blake Mankin answered that question well:

“What Jesus is to me is that ultimate thirst quencher”


This sounds awesome! But, if I were more skeptical towards Christ, how would you explain to me what it is about Christ that brings satisfaction.



-Shay, I am Second blogger

One Response to “Finding satisfaction”

  1. 1 Katie

    I do not understand why, when the mission statement on the I am Second website mentions nothing about religion, the only I am Second meetings in my area are at Christian churches, I feel that if this is a movement “where significance in life is a shared value among people of all kinds,” than it should not be limited to Christians. The idea of this organization is amazing, I only hope that future opportunities arise for people of other faiths, or of no faith in particular, to be included.

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