Describing Peace


“I think I was thirsty for answers, for hope, and for something secure and solid.” -Natalie Sebastian,

After watching Natalie’s video a few times, I keep coming back to this one quote. How often do we grasp for stability in this life? How often do we search for something unshakable.

To someone who may be new to this whole Jesus-concept, or someone who thinks the whole thing is hokey, it’s hard to articulate what it is that gives us peace. So let’s try to figure this out.

“I had seen that security lived out in [a] student’s life and I knew if I could just grab a hold of even a little piece of that, then the home life would be better. My life would be better. And it has been.” – Natalie Sebastian

Here’s my question for you: What is it about being second that brings a sense of security? How are we able to be content with putting God first?

Let’s discuss!
-Shay, I AM SECOND blogger

4 Responses to “Describing Peace”

  1. To me…
    I think that it has to do with the fact that you don’t have to be responsible for it yourself. The only thing that I can compare it to is my experience with work. I’ve been “self-employed” before, and I’ve always experienced extra stress knowing that it was going to be on me to make sure that I can provide. Now that I work for a stable corporation I don’t have the pressure of making things happen on my own. It is cool knowing that I have the “protection” of that authority over me. They make sure that I get paid, have benefits, etc. I just go in and cover my area and contribute to the whole.

    In my opinion, putting me first puts the pressure on me to make it all work out. In being second, there is peace in the idea that I just do what God made me to do, and He takes care of managing the rest of the universe. It’s kinda nice knowing that it is not all on me…

  2. 2 Bobby Ward

    I have finally figured out that putting myself second does give me the security I need on a daily basis. Simply put, I am putting myself second to the Almighty King. It’s like a chain of command to me. Who would I go to for solace if I put myself first? Who would I go to for life’s everyday hiccups and struggles if I put myself first. It gives me comfort to know I am second and can turn over my sins and daily needs to the one who loves me most, the one who gave his life for me, and the one who will never turn his back on me. Jesus Christ is first in my life and makes me proud to be second … forever and ever!

  3. 3 Nancy Woner Woznuck

    Have you ever tried to be everything and do everything? From past experiences, I found it impossible to be the best mom, the best wife, the best at my job, the best friend, the best……. Trying to control it all destines one to fail. It puts too much pressure on us – after all we’re not in control anyway!!!! Trusting in our Lord Jesus and knowing Heis with us every step of the way to be there, and hold us up when we can no longer stand is recognizing and living “I am second”. This understanding and conviction offers peace, God’s peace, that which passes ALL understanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!!!!!

  4. 4 Mark

    “He brought Me Out Of A Pit, He Raised Me Up” That is what Shannon said. His Love and Mercy raised me up as well. In Him I feel Secure. His Holy Spirit in me brings me Peace. Knowing that I am His, that nothing can snatch me away…That is security.

    I have found that I am only content when I put God First. If I am putting myself first, I am the maker of my own misery.

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