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One of the cool things about working for this campaign has been the overwhelming amount of feedback on all of the videos. It’s incredible the way that 10 people can watch the same video and have 10 different reactions and pick up on 10 different quotes or truths that they can take away. So let’s […]

For businessmen, it is that search for money. For the musician it’s the limelight of the concert. For the artist, it’s the masterpiece. For the movie star, it’s the next big production. For the scientist, it’s the next breakthrough. For the intellectual, the next argument won. For the student, it’s the next good grade. For […]

“I think I was thirsty for answers, for hope, and for something secure and solid.” -Natalie Sebastian, After watching Natalie’s video a few times, I keep coming back to this one quote. How often do we grasp for stability in this life? How often do we search for something unshakable. To someone who may […]

“I think many times God probably is upstairs and looking down and He’s kinda going, ‘Gosh! Can you imagine? I made that guy! He runs like that. I made that kind of football player.’” -Joe Gibbs, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there is a new video worth checking out on It’s […]