Your thoughts?


What are you thoughts about the I am Second movement? Have you checked out the site yet? What videos did you watch, which impacted you?

14 Responses to “Your thoughts?”

  1. I love the campaign! It was encouraging to me as a staff member of a large church to hear pastors and others sharing about their struggles, but how they have been changed. It just shows that we are all on a journey, not perfect, but being sanctified. This is something I could definitely send to my friends. It’s already been on my facebook status. Thanks for doing this.


  2. awesome stuff. i remember when i was growing up hearing people give their testimonies. you don’t get this kind of honesty in church today. we have forgotten the that honesty and depth are vital in out conversations and relationships.

  3. 3 Hanna

    I loved all the videos and admire each person that contributed. I hate to see this as a competition for whose testimony was the best. : ( Each story is special and wonderful. I’d rather see this as community and sharing, rather than a vote to find out which video is #1.

  4. 4 lovinlifeinma

    I was so moved by Jason Castro’s video interview featured at I Am Second. His openness, honesty, and committment to his faith really struk a chord with me. He his so grounded, knows exactly who he is and understands what is important. He is such a wonderful role model.

  5. 5 Debbie

    How can I vote for just one. I’ve listened to about 6 so far and they are each in their own way my favorite…I applaud each and every one for sharing their heart. Especially those who are in the “limelight” so to speak. But even those who are not still are able to reach into our hearts and touch something much deeper than we realize. Each one shows us our need for Jesus. Thank you!!!!

  6. 6 cathy anne

    I checked out the entire website except for the chat portion. It is compelling and resourceful. I watched all of the stories and each one is unique and special just as is each of our relationships with Christ. Once we have surrendered, we each are at a different place in maturity and we each are used in different ways — the site shows just that as well.

    The site as is, is having great impace already, and I believe as it expands, it will even touch more people 🙂

  7. 7 rachel

    This is not an insult so much, but I am finding myself struggling with the idea of having a poll to determine what everyone’s favorite vid was. Doesn’t that seem to go against the idea of the campaign by turning it into a popularity contest?

  8. 8 libby spotts

    I am loving this and admire everyone who took a public stand for Jesus Christ our wonderful Savior. I am a hugh fan of Jason Castro and this increases my admiration 10 fold!!

  9. 9 Elaine

    as is this site is awesome. i can’t cast a vote for the one that touched me the most as they are all inspiring. so sick of organized religion and preaching. just be yourself, be willing to learn, shine your light. that’s all.

  10. 10 Laurel

    I loved the I am Second videos, but Jason Castro’s in particular.
    He was so misrepresented on American Idol. What an insightful young man; I wish every young person could see and be inspired by this. Whether you are Christian or not, the genuineness of his person shines through.

  11. 11 Kelly

    All of the videos are so special but I was drawn here through the video of Jason Castro and I was just so thrilled to see him take part and be so honest about his relationship with Jesus Christ! He is such a positive role model to so many and I am proud to be a fan! His words were so beautiful and he shines so bright! I know God has BIG plans for him and there will be so many touched by Jason’s words and actions! Shine on!

  12. the site is really awesome, it is well produced and executed. the production quality of these videos are of a caliber that few can achieve. i’d really like to know more about who, what organization or company, is behind them, in order to express my gratitude to them in making much of Jesus via this medium. i’ve had the opportunity to share this site with numerous people, all of which have been encouraged and touched in the same way. i’ve now watched nate larkins video about 4 times, and it has wrecked me each time. God is using this campaign in some amazing ways, thanks so much!

  13. 13 Kayla Campbell

    The video that impacted me the most was Pete Briscoe’s. What he said about how God loves us changed my life. I just needed to hear that. It’s crazy to think that God sacrificed His only son for me! It’s hard to wrap my brain around. It’s hard to comprehend how much God loves me. And that’s what makes it amazing. He loves me so much that I can’t even begin to understand how much…or why. But He does. He has, and He always will. No matter how much I trip up. I just can’t stop thinking about Him. Thank you so much. God definitely has His giant hand in the project. He’s all over it. : )

  14. 14 Elaine

    This movement is incredible. I can’t get off the site-just want to watch all the videos after watching a few. This is church outside the 4 walls via online….like I have never seen. Super Cool….I already posted the link on my facebook status page! Thanks for what you are doing. These are powerful and so comfortable for folks who are curious about God.

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