If you’re signed up for our monthly newsletters or check the facebook page with any regularity you’ve no doubt heard about I Am Second Lead Labs.  You probably understand the general idea- learn how to lead an I Am Second small group. 

So what’s the big deal.  There are tons of resources you can access to learn how to be a leader.  What’s the difference?

Here’s the deal: Lead Labs are the the training that turns I Am Second from “cool” to “tool.”  Because they’re so different from your typical Bible study, you really can’t grasp it until you’re a part of one.  And really, not until you’re a part of one that’s being led using the Discuss and Discover model.  This is where a Lead Lab comes in. 

You get to experience exactly what a group should be like- discussion based, Bible focused, and with commitments to change the way you’re living or thinking and to pass on what you’ve learned to someone else.  Once you’ve been a part of one during the Lead Lab, you’ll know exactly what your or your church’s groups need to look like in order to maximize reproducibility.   Read what Tom Bassford, an I Am Second city leader, had to say:

The Lead Lab is an invaluable part of the I am Second effort in a city.  They do a great job of describing the scope of I Am Second and most importantly, demonstrating how churches and individuals can use it as an effective TOOL to share Christ with others.  

You’ll spend about four hours learning the reasons behind the leadership style and how to best help people come to an understanding of Biblical truths by looking at Scripture together.  You’ll find out why it’s vitaly important to make some kind of measurable application during each group meeting and how group members can begin discipling others immediately when they’re sharing what they’ve just learned.  And maybe more importantly, why it’s vital that the group hold itself accountable to its individual commitments.  It really is a revolutionary way of looking at small groups.  Lead Labs are going on all across the country.

Upcoming Lead Labs:

Apr 29-30 in Tyler, TX (time TBD).

May 15 in Charlotte, NC from 3-8pm (dinner included).

May 24 in Nashville, TN (time TBD).

If you have questions, please email us at connect@iamsecond.com.


It’s spring and that means baseball!  For those in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, I Am Second will be at Rangers Ballpark hosting TOBYMAC before the game against the LA Angels of Anaheim on May 14th.  We’ve got discounted ticket prices available at www.texasrangers.com when you use offer code: SECOND.

This is a GREAT event to bring your friends, family, and neighbors… you’ll have a blast and have plenty of opportunities to share who’s First and what the whole I Am Second thing’s about. 

Mitzie shares more about how her church has been sharing Jesus…

Part of our membership is involved in many community projects and Christian groups. Our speakers have taken this simple idea of the I Am Second wristband and shared it with other churches. Our district-wide Methodist youth confirmation retreat will be getting the wristbands and Bibles next weekend. They will be receiving information about the web site and encouraged to take this information back to their own churches for the possibility of their home congregations becoming involved in the I Am Second movement. Another small church, Paint Rock UMC, has been introduced to this movement and received these tools for their congregation to use.

There is an older couple in our church congregation who are worship leaders for an RV gathering in Texas as well as in Mississippi. They will be taking I Am Second wristbands and Bibles to share with these groups and to encourage them to participate in this movement. The couple sees the wristbands alone as a real conversation starter about your faith in Jesus Christ. They are excited about the project and their enthusiasm is contagious. I had one of our church members tell me that he now felt he had the opening he needed to share his faith. Handing out “tracts” was not his way of sharing Christ, but he is ready for the next person to “notice” his wristband. It is amazing what this little piece of black and white rubber will do… conversations have been flying in this little area of our big state. Thanks for the opportunity to be involved and your web site is awesome.

Thank you so much Mitzie for sharing this!  It’s so exciting to see what God’s doing.  It’s all about taking little opportunities to give a reason for your hope- to let others know why you’re Second and who is First.

We received an encouraging letter the other day from someone who wanted us know what was going on in her church.  The letter was so encouraging, we decided to break it down into two parts. 

Our Pastor was so impressed with the philosophy of “I Am Second” that he wanted to engage our congregation and challenge them during the season of Lent. As we were doing a Bible Study called “Walk Across The Room,” we decided to do the “I Am Second” challenge as a follow-up with the wristbands and “I Am” New Testament Bibles. The wristbands became the conversation starter that many of our “timid” congregational members needed. They simply used the front page of the Bible as a study guide, discussing the “I Am” scriptures within their families and then committing those verses to part of the conversations they had with other people. During Lent, members were encouraged to do daily scripture reading, daily accountability, and daily sharing with others (particularly non-believers). Both the wristband and the Bible encouraged each of the people who used them to share their faith. These tools also seemed to spark confidence that each person could share their belief as they were sharing a conversation about being a Second!

Mitzie Deike, Veribest UMC

What a cool way to get the whole church involved in outreach!  What are some things you’re doing for Lent?  When people ask you about it, are you able to share Jesus with them?   



*If you’re interested in getting some of the “I Am” New Testaments, you can find them at www.iamsecondstore.com under Promotional Items.

One of the lesser known parts of I Am Second is our awesome parent organization, e3 Partners- an organization dedicated to sending everyday people into the world to share the story of Jesus.  They make it easy to say “yes, I’ll go.”  If you’re looking for a way to make a huge impact for Christ and have a blast doing it,  come with I Am Second on an Expedition.  It will truly change your life.  Take a minute to watch this short film and find out just what an Expedition is. 

Click this pic to watch the film!

Check out all the different trips and opportunities at www.iamsecond.com/expeditions.  Grab your friends, pick a place, and GO!

The message of I Am Second is to put Christ first in everything. When we do that, He often gives us amazing ways to demonstrate His love for others. Laura Klock, whose story is shared in her I Am Second film, is getting to do just that.

She and the company she and her husband Brian own, Klock Werks Kustom Cycles, are participating in a program called “Helping with Horsepower.” She teaches teenage girls how to restore a motorcycle. But these young women are not your average teens. They’ve dealt with difficult family circumstances and are learning to overcome life obstacles. How can fixing a beat up bike help? Watch the whole story here- Helping With Horsepower.

Philadelphia, PA recently launched a mini-I Am Second campaign in their city.  Here is an amazing story of God’s transformational love in that community:

 A member of our church began a Bible study at the factory where he worked as a chaplain. 29-year-old chef Steve from the café began attending regularly. Blake invited Steve to church for an I Am Second sermon series after they had walked together through the Bible for seven months.

Steve was going through a very ugly divorce due to his affair and other indiscretions. As he began attending church with Blake, the movie theater where the church meets became a good place for Steve and his wife to exchange their young daughter. They were distant and cold toward each other at that time. As the series continued, Jess began sitting through the service with Steve and their daughter. She brought divorce papers one Sunday and Steve signed them.

The next week the church showed the Scruggs video about a restored marriage after divorce and an affair. Steve and Jess both sensed their hearts changing. The divorce papers were already turned in, but they had failed to get them notarized so a new set of papers were given to Steve. After the sermon he told Jess that he would sign them after the 13 week sermon series ended. Each week they were moved by the videos and the sermons.

Finally, after meeting personally with the pastor for several weeks, Steve responded to the gospel and was saved. He was dramatically changed over the next few months and Jess noticed the changes. She also heard the gospel but has not yet responded.

Over the last eight months their marriage has been put back on a path to restoration. They now live together again and are in counseling. This couple was as good as divorced when God intervened and used the IA2 series to introduce them to Jesus Christ. Next week Steve is proposing again to his wife that they might renew their vows.

To connect with the movement in Philly, visit http://www.riversideconnect.com/connect/i-am-second.

Bethany Hamilton, the young surfer who suffered a shark attack that left her with only one arm, is having a very busy 2011.  She travelled to Dallas at the beginning of the year and filmed her I Am Second film about her faith journey as she was injured and then recovered and returned to the world of competitive surfing.  Her story is both shocking and inspiring, as her relationship with God gave her the resolve to not only recover, but to return to the sport she loves. 

Watch her film now at I Am Second. 

Bethany’s story is also told in the movie “Soul Surfer” which will be released on April 8th.

It seems that recently we’ve heard about a lot more I Am Second wristband sightings…

Sweet Bailee Madison was sporting her wristband on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.


American Idol contestant Scott McCreary has been wearing an I Am Second wristband throughout the competition.


Pray that people are seeing the words and either asking what it means or “googling” it to find the videos.  Have you spotted any I Am Second wristbands, t-shirts, or bumper stickers?  Send us your pics!

We are so fortunate here at I Am Second to be able to sponsor Matthew West’s 2011 tour: An Evening of Stories and Songs.  We first met up with Matthew at I Am Second’s 2nd Birthday Celebration last December.  He’s got an amazing collection of songs out right now that tell about the power in our personal stories.  Joining together was a no-brainer. 

Grab your friends and get your tickets fast!  His concert series ends on April 3rd.

Check out these dates:

3/17/11- Franklin, TN

3/18/11- Naperville, IL

3/19/11- Valparaiso, IN

3/20/11- Paducah, KY

3/24/11- Lima, OH

3/25/11- Waukesha, WI

3/26/11- Sioux Center, IA

3/27/11- Sheboygan, WI

3/31/11- Cedar Rapids, IA

4/01/11- Saint Paul, MN

4/02/11- Fargo, ND

4/03/11- Kearney, NE

Find out more about the tour and purchase tickets at  www.matthewwest.com

Have you heard music from The Story of Your Life?   Tell us about it!

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